In principle you can "solve" everything by yourself, which doesn't mean that you should live alone or that there can not be catalysts along the way that speed things up, like this brilliant website ;-). Yogis say that if you really need a guru the guru will be there.




Disclaimer: I have tried to put this into words as good as to my ability, please forgive me if it is misunderstood. Besides potential mistakes on my part there is a fundamental "problem" with words in general; they can always be misunderstood. Words/texts are images of "reality", which is not a problem but simply an experiential fact (to me). It can lead to misunderstandings, but also to humor. Language is a great thing we have, but just keep in mind that, especially with spiritual processes, no matter how great words can be, ultimately your own inner reality is more important, in other words, you have to check with your hart if it is true. If you are not sure, just admit that, then at least you are sure about THAT, right? Logically, this disclaimer must have its misinterpretations, hahahaha.

Play with your ego or it will play with you. Don't start believing you don't have one.


Physical postures are the most 'known’ part of yoga by many people right now (2016), but also mental ‘postures’ are part of it. In fact there is no such thing as physical OR mental.